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Porting from Vox

Good Morning

I am trying to port a 011 number that is currently with Vox Telecoms.

They are unwilling to provide me with an invoice stating the number.

I have a log of calls that where made to/with this number.

Would that be sufficient?

Have you dealt with this issue before?

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We are well aware of providers who do not display the numbers on their Invoices and Vox is one of them and this is okay.

This is not a deal breaker when it comes to porting. as long as the invoice you have is indeed the invoice for your number it will suffice.

Please ensure the invoice is current ( no older than 3 months)

Please follow the porting submission instructions and submit your port application

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Thanks for the Reply

Another Query: The vox account is in my name, and i would like to port the number to freshphones on my fathers account. Would there be any necessary documents or other issues?

Thanks again

As long as you sign the documents and use your ID as you are the VOX account holder it doesn't matter which account the number gets added to

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