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Yealink Handset Not Ringing after Porting

We are having a problem with our Yealink W52P. We set up as per instructions. We can make out going calls through the phone but incoming call it doesn't even show an incoming call but from the person call it rings. Please assist

infact no incoming calls to the handset

Hi Alfonso

Please see if the Number assignment has been done properly on the base station for incoming calls. Generally if you have an issue, search the forum and you will see how to fix it

Here are some forum posts to assist 

I entered the SIP username of 087 as per dashboard. Must I change to 011 number coz I see to lines assigned on top on caller ID 


Im not getting anywhere with this. This is so frustrating.

Hi Alfonso

You must keep the 87 number there. Have you changed the number assignment on that screenshot the 5th line going down on the left?

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