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How does porting work

I need to port my neotel number, how does it work. Can I use my existing neotel phone, do I need data on the phone.

Hi Vishnu

You can follow the link below to see the process. VoIP does use data yes, extremely little data. About 40MB for an hour call. 1 Gig of data can do 25 hours of calls

You can't use an analog Neotel phone. You would need something like a Yealink phone. You can find them on Takealot 

I followed the instructions, one of the requirements billing from service provider (neotel) I don't have as it is a prepaid account. Neotel has closed down and a SMS was sent saying arrangements was made with freshphone for porting.

Hi Vishnu

Send a mail to and they can assist you with account details from Neotel and keep it off this public forum. They will be able to provide you with the Neotel information that we require

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