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"unable to route your call" message but call goes through

For the last few weeks, when I call most numbers, I get a message which says "unable to route your call. Please consult your service provider." However, the call then goes through and the number I'm calling rings. I also sometimes get a message "this number does not exist. Please re-check the number or consult directory enquiries." However, the call then goes through. This has only recently started happening and occurs on most numbers I phone. How can I avoid these messages?

Hi Travis

Thank you very much for the update

Hi, the issue seems to have been resolved.

Hi Travis

Is this issue still persisting? We have received no feedback, but we have also received no more queries on the matter

Hi Travis

We will advise as soon as we get the feedback that it has been resolved

I'm still having this issue as well. I get the message, but the phone normally rings and the call goes through despite the message.

Always a pleasure Tim

Thank you for the feedback. 

Hi Tim

It has been escalated outside of our Realm and we are awaiting feedback on when the Upstream Provider will be able to locate and resolve. We have followed up daily and we are not getting any feedback. They must be having some sort of PC Hiccup. We did hear yesterday that they felt they had find the root cause. As soon as we have solid feedback, we will revert

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Good day, 

15 days later and this query isn't resolved as yet, as I am still getting this message on the phone this morning. I have to call that number like 3-4 time, before I can get it to ring to the number. Very frustrating if you are calling a lot.

Any feedback on this? because I still get it.

What about you @travis?


Hi Travis

We have picked up that there this issue originating from the Upstream Network Provider. We have reported it and are awaiting for them to resolve it.

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