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Porting assistance

Good day I just tried to port my phone number and managed to make a payment using my credit card. After the payment went through I was not redirected to the link to upload the proof of my existing neotel account and my proof of identification. I have received an email from Paygate saying the payment was successful.

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Hi Neil

We do need the proof of ownership and ID

How so I upload these documents or can I email them to you? If so what is the email address?

Hi Neil

hi, I have the same problem. I've emailed all my docs and is still waiting 

After forwarding the required documents I received the following response: Dear Neil Maharaj This email channel will only cater for tickets relating to Billing and Porting, technical enquiries will be automatically closed. In our quest to offer a high quality free (R0.00) VoIP Residential Phone Service, we do not offer any direct email or telephonic support. However, we do offer support via the online forum here -   Please post your Topic/Questions in the FORUM and you will be responded within 24 hours, not including weekends. Best Regards Fresh PHONE
I' ve received the same response twice since yesterday and its absolutely frustrating. I'm actually thinking of cancelling this application and want a refund

Hi Sunitha & Neil,

We have responded to both parties with an alternative link to use to upload your porting documentation. Please ensure you follow the link and upload your documentation in order to process your port applications. 


Fresh Porting

Successfully submitted... thank you.
Do you have an office in johannesburg where we can be assisted?
Neil you lucky devil

That is great Neil

which link do i use because it's asking me to repay and i refuse to do so

Yes now I'm having such a hassle because I had a prepaid neotel and don't have an invoice. Neotel gave me a letter with my account number. It's not accepting it
Not sure what's the issue there as I'm also on neotel prepaid...
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