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Are you moving from Neotel - Click Here

Please follow the below instructions to start the process of creating your new account and then to move your current number over.

You will be able to sign up for a new account on the Freshphone platform, where you can top up your accounts, RICA your account as well as port your old number into our platform.

Features you get within Freshphone.

R5 Free Airtime to get you started

  • No line fees or service fees

  • No Contracts

  • Free Mobile App

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Forwarding
  • Dialing Restrictions

Step 1 – CLICK HERE to complete the signup process, please complete all details. (Please note that you will need to select a number from the list assigned. This is only used as your account number, if you have a geographical number (not 087) you can still port in your old Neotel/Liquid telecom number)

Once you have completed the form and pressed Next, you will shortly thereafter receive a welcome email with all your account details and the Telephone management system (TMS) login page.

You will also receive a free R5 airtime voucher as a thank you from us for signing up, with instructions on how to redeem it after you have RICA’ed yourself.

Step 2 - Once you have logged into your account, you will see at the top where to RICA your account. Click on Change RICA documents and fill in the details. You will need to upload some form of Identification, as proof of life. Please make sure that you upload a copy of either your ID, drivers license or student card. These are manually processed in the back-end and will be rejected if not a correct form of identification.  These are manually processed in the backend and will be rejected if not the correct picture.

Once the RICA has been completed and processed and if you have a Geographical number (010, 011, 021) you can then port your number from your old Liquid Telecom account. Alternatively if you have an 087 we can give you a new number for free.

Step 3 - If you have a Geographical Number (not 087) you can start the porting process,  please login to your TMS:

  • Click on your account

  • Select DID manager on the right hand panel

  • Select “Port my geographical number”

  • Follow the prompts and complete the porting application form

  • Upload all documents and submit your submission.


Further screen shots with information.


Click on the SignUp button to create your account



Once you have created your account and an email has been sent to you, log into to access your account. 



Click on your account to access the Telephone Management System. 


You need to RICA your account to be able to use your free R5 voucher. Please click on Change RICA Documents at the top, as per below. 




Please complete all the details on this page and attached a JPEG picture of your ID, Drivers License or student card. Something with a picture of yourself on it. Please note that this is manually checked so there has to be a correct document, otherwise it will be rejected. 


 Once you have RICA’ed your account, you can port a number to your account. To port a number, please click on DID Manager, and then DID manager below that. You will then see the below screen. 


Click on Port My Geographic Number and complete the details as per below. 



Some notes on porting. 


Please note porting can take between 7 and 21 days. 


If you don’t have a copy of the latest telephone bill, we need a copy of the account number you have with the provider. 


Please note, porting will only be completed once you have paid the fee to port your number. Once you have paid, you will be redirected to a page to upload your documents. 


If you have any questions, please note you need to log a forum post – this can be completed here -

Thank you


Opening a ticket with the Porting department is the correct thing to do

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What are the next steps when the number is ported? How can I move this number to Telkom?

Hi CardCo

If a number is ported to FreshPHONE, then you can now receive calls on it through FreshPHONE. You can port this number to Telkom after porting it to us, there is a minimum freeze period between porting a number just after you have ported it of 3 months until you can port again

I followed the above process, made payment to Port my Neotel number, the next page FROZE and could not complete the process, Whats needs to be done to get the process completed again. 

I have opened a Ticket with the Port Department and still they have come back to me.

Asssist with a link to complete the process.

Yes indeed please assist.

So this means we can no longer port our number?

Correct, your Prepaid Neotel line can no longer be ported

Thank you, they sent the Link to continue with the process and was done successfully.


Neotel are no longer accepting any ports

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