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Porting from neotel landline

Hi everytime I try to sign up to begin the process of porting, it keeps saying my password doesn't match. I changed it but I'm still unable to sign in. I've been trying forever. HELP

Hi Sunitha

Have you received your Freshphone Welcome mailer? This would have been sent to the email address you have registered.

The mailer will include your username and password.

If you have kindly confirm what your account number is (087) and I shall assist further.

I was trying to sign in but it kept saying unable to capture. I want to port 2 landline numbers and I am having so much problems. Please help. Also if I choose an 087 number , isn't that applicable to a cell phone and not landline?
Ohhh the 087 number is just the account number. Eish sorry this is very stressful. I couldn't get it because it wouldn't allow me to complete the application

Hi Sunitha

Here is a step by step guide

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