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Port from Neotel

Please assist to port from Neotel


To start the porting process please login to your TMS:


- Select your account

- Select DID manager on the right hand panel

- Select "Port my geographical number"

- Follow the prompts and complete the porting application form

- Upload all documents and submit your submission.


Please DO NOT cancel your line with your current provider, only cancel it once the port has been successful, The provider will receive a port out notification and they should automatically cancel your line, however always best to follow up with a call to them to confirm the cancellation on the line.


We cannot port a cancelled/suspended line.


Porting takes between 7-21 days.

Good day Trust all is well. I would like to know where the prepaid airtime can be purchased if ported from Neotel? Thank u

Hi Nkosana

You can log into your TMS, go to the billing section and it should give you an option to purchase airtime.

Ok Thank u, however the tms portal refuses to take my logins and when I try to reset the password i get “your email address can not be found” please help
Good day I have same problem like Gumede its refuses to take my logins
Good day I have same problem like Gumede tms portal its refuses to take my logins

Niether of your email addresses show up on a search of TMS accounts my side. Are you sure you completed the sign up process completely?

Yes, as far as I know, I don’t think ill be able to comment here if the process wasn’t complete, even went to the profile to update and check if there might be anything left unfilled.

This platform is the helpdesk platform, it has nothing to do with the TMS or voice platform, please go to to sign up

Make sense now, Thank u very much, I also want to know if u want to port two or more phones how to go about? And u only have credit card option as far as buying/paying is concerned?

Hi Nkosana

Please find instructions here

FreshPHONE only uses Credit Card as a payment option

Hi there Please help us to fix this password erro on the link you send Richard

We won't send passwords, you can find the SIP password on your TMS

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