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Mobile App and W53P

hey guys, so im new tool fresh phone and loving it thus far, 

have a small issue where my Yealink w53p has been setup as well as my mobile phone, however it seems that calls are only coming through to my Mobile phone on the app rather than ringing on the actual Yealink phone, seems to be quite a nuisance.

please advise me how to make the handset take preference to the app!

hey guys, your URGENT assistance is now required please.... everything seems to be setup and I've done the above login reset application and then uninstalled...

when I log into my TMS it now shows that its connected to YEALINK , then again it shows push notification server. I am still not receiving any calls on my number, neither can I make any calls, its getting frustrating now that nothing can be done.

please help.

Hi Aadil

We have reset the password for your account to strip the account from the Push server. Please log into your TMS and get the new password to put on your Yealink

Hi Aadil

I see the password has not updated yet. It should update within the next 10 minutes

doesn't look like the password has updated yet!

Hi Aadil

No it hasn't. The service is being manually restarted shortly. I will let you know once it has been done

Hi Aadil

The new password is now reflecting

Hi Aadil

Looks like it was successfully tested by yourself

Mmmm... so I can't use a soft-phone and a physical VOIP handset? That is a pity. I was hoping it would ring on both and I can pick up calls coming to my landline on my soft-phone while out and about. I was also expecting incoming calls to only come through on my soft-phone when the app is open, but it seems that even if the app is closed, it still comes through. Is this use case specific to me?

If you are referring to calls coming through to the mobile app when closed, yes this is by design, we use push notifications to achieve this. If you wish to turn off push, this can be done in the settings, please look for the push setting and disable it.

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