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Mobile App and W53P

hey guys, so im new tool fresh phone and loving it thus far, 

have a small issue where my Yealink w53p has been setup as well as my mobile phone, however it seems that calls are only coming through to my Mobile phone on the app rather than ringing on the actual Yealink phone, seems to be quite a nuisance.

please advise me how to make the handset take preference to the app!

The issue is that you cant use the same account on 2 devices at the same time, the app having the ability to use push notifications means it needs to hand the registration off to the server immediately after you close the app. The re-register is set to every minute or so, this means it will almost always be registered over the cordless phone. I suggest you turn off the push notifications on the app in settings. This will mean when you close it it wont re-register and the yealink will ring more frequently. Otherwise use only 1 device at a time, this will ensure it works as intended.

so I've disabled the app and now I'm getting no notifications at all...

the yealink only says register failed no matter what I do.

I know you said you deleted the app, however you didnt reset it first. Please can you install it again, then log in and go to settings and reset. Otherwise your registration is still kept alive on the push notification server.

so ive reloaded the app, signed in again, and then reset the settings, I still don't have any access to that number and not ringing on the yealink, is there no way of forcefully or manually resetting that account as it still shows that it's connected.

If you check on your TMS you will see its still registering on the push server. Did you by any chance try to put this account on another phone?

this is the thing, I downloaded it again, logged in and signed out, its still signed out on my mobile but showing online ever since. I do however have the device with me and can confirm it is not signed in..

Hi Aadil

When you say signed out, do you mean Reset Application?

yes, I went into the application settings, and clicked on reset application, this then asked me to log in to the app again which I have not done, my phone worked for a few moments yesterday and im down again today. not ringing at all, please assist as its becoming a little urgent to get my phone back up.

Hi Aadil

Sounds like it would be a firewall issue. Phone working for a bit and then not working normally points at the Firewall halting the connection. Please try and disable SIP ALG on your routers security/firewall settings

it is disabled and still nothing, when I try to make a call it shows forbidden, on the Tms it shows that im connected to a push notification server.

Hi Aadil,

The push notification server means your account is registered to a softphone app on your mobile. Please delete the application and restart your VoIP device. Please test and advise. 

Thank you. 

App has been deleted, Voip Device has been restarted and shows registered...

I still keep on getting timeout or forbidden, and the device still does not ring, perhaps when I deleted the app the first time without resetting/loggin out its not detecting that logout session.

That is correct. Install App, login and then select RESET APPLICATION before you uninstall it

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