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Struggling with the Grandstream HT802 ATA

 Hi there.   I hope help is available.

I have a Grandstream HT802 and configured it as far as I could see based on the Youtube video.   I cannot dial out or dial in.   When dial-in I get nr not found on the system.   Dial-out I get nr engaged with any nr I dial.   Even the Featurecodes give an engaged nr.    Besides the attached screenshots, I can confirm that when I use the Freshphone app on Android on my home network all is working.   I have also disabled SIP ALG in my router.

Would really appreciate some help.

(63.2 KB)

Hey Fresh Man!

I have removed all the port forwarding and triggering.    All is working. 

1.  I can dial out from my 087* nr.  All working

2.  I can dial into the 087* nr from various phones that are with MTN and Telkom.  It is all working

3.  I can dial my mobile nr from the 087* nr and I receive the call and can talk.  

4.  When I however dial back I get that the 087* nr is not on the Euphoria network.  It seems to happen only with my phone that's a Xiaomi RedMi5.   Its with MTN/Afrihost but so are other phones that could make calls to my 087 nr  and receive the calls from 087.

Its really weird.    If there is a working 087*  that I can dial besides my own nr and I get the same message then I assume its my mobile phone.   If I can call a working 087* and it works, then its most likelly something with my 087* nr.  I think.

I hope that long explanation makes sense.

Hi Herman, 

I'm glad you were able to get it working in the end, with regards to the port forward you have enabled, if it is still enabled just make sure your phone is secure, if you like I can try and send an invite to your phone which would make it ring, if I can do this then you may have to relook at the way it works, there are many bots on the internet using a service called SIPvicious to try exploit phones, while they wont come right with our username and passwords, they will annoy you to death with incoming calls at all hours.

I will have a look into the issue as to why you are not able to call the 087 number, I assume it was an external call from a mobile provider?

Last comment now that all appears to fine and working.....

For some reason I cannot dial my own 087* nr from my Xiaomi phone.  I get a message that the 087* nr is not on the Euphoria network.    All other devices are working fine.   I have reached the point where I am suspecting something funky happening with my phone.     If anyone can be so kind is there a 087* nr on the Euphoria network that I can dial to see if I get the same message?

Many thanks in advance.

I feel so silly. After struggling for a day with ports and firewall and configurations it dawned on me that I might have plugged the phone jack into the wrong HT802 port at the back of the device. That's exactly what I did. Feeling a little foolish but also happy that all is working. Incase someone else is struggling with something similar on this device..... Make sure the phone connector is in the correct port.
Some more information after reading the forums. * I can ping from inside network * In the freshphone status page I go "offline" after a while suspecting that something gets blocked. * I have enabled port forward and port trigger for 5060 to the ip where the Ht802 sits * My router is TP-Link archer VR400 * ISP = Afrihost and Vumatel Would love to get this to work. :)
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