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Freshphone Softphone problems


My softphone on Android has been having intermittent problems like cannot connect and only hearing voice one way. On the portal I see a device which is not my device as online:


Dashboard Device Status




355ms (Poor)


Phone Device

Push Notification Server


IP Address

This ip address is 10.sipis.acrobits.cs and NOT my mobile device.

Is this normal?

There are times when I see it IS my device that is registered. I've tried other softphone clients to get rid of the problem but this registration issue with a device other than my IP is concerning. As i write this (and provide attached screenshot) my ip is

My number softphone number is 0870949379.

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Hi Dinesh

That 162 IP address is the Push Notification Server at Acrobits( the engine of the softphone) and not your public IP. When you see that IP, call your number and you will see that your device will ring. You do not have anything to worry about.

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