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Call quality bad. Sounds garbled

My FP call quality used to be perfect. Few weeks ago it changed to terrible. I can barely hear the other person. The call sounds garbled so much so that I cannot use it anymore. Nothing changed on my PC. Using Zoiper 5.2.28 64Bit on Win7. My internet line is 50Mb/s symmetrical fibre.

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I am using WIFI  to my router 

I am using hardwired connection to 50/50 Mbs fiber

Louis - How do you get Zoiper to answer calls ?

On my Samsung FreshPHONE app connects to my  20/20 Mbs fibre via wifi 

@Gary, well Zoiper runs in the system tray. Once a call comes in it pops up for me to answer.... But the audio is no good...

Louis - Try just Opus codec - As I did - see my past post picture - This worked for me for outgoing calls !  Never got to test incoming - Never figure out how to answer incoming  ? 

Changed to  FreshPHONE app - Same I can make out going calls now ( which I could not before ) and the audio is OK - Now incoming calls the audio is not audible ... So made some headway.

Tx Gary, I will try. It is just frustrating that it worked beatifully and suddenly not. I suspect that after I updated the Zoiper desktop app then problems began, but not sure about that

And we are back to broken - Fresh Phone is worth less than Zero to me AGAIN / STILL !!!

Have you guys tried this over something other than your fibre? like LTE? I understand that you have high speed broadband but we dont know how the provider is handling the traffic, please could you test this over LTE.

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For anyone looking for a solution FRESHPHONE does not work !   It is not a working solution !

Hi Gary, 

I'm sorry this doesn't work for you, I have tested on multiple devices, I can not replicate the call quality issues you are experiencing.

I switched to LTE -  I could not call an 021 number - The 011 number I was trying via Wifi this morning with garbled Audio - I got a good connection with LTE  at the moment

Hit and miss and swing and foul ball and try again  :-((((

@Gary, are you using a proxy service? the IP I see for you is This isn't a local IP, it seems its a US IP? are the calls you are making traversing the net to the US?

I have a proxy service - But my FreshPHONE does not use it  !  ?

Now it is displaying an local IP. Calls still not working?

Freshphone was using it, I pulled the US IP off the registration.

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