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Call quality bad. Sounds garbled

My FP call quality used to be perfect. Few weeks ago it changed to terrible. I can barely hear the other person. The call sounds garbled so much so that I cannot use it anymore. Nothing changed on my PC. Using Zoiper 5.2.28 64Bit on Win7. My internet line is 50Mb/s symmetrical fibre.

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@Gary, well Zoiper runs in the system tray. Once a call comes in it pops up for me to answer.... But the audio is no good...

Louis - How do you get Zoiper to answer calls ?

On my Samsung FreshPHONE app connects to my  20/20 Mbs fibre via wifi 

I am using hardwired connection to 50/50 Mbs fiber

I am using WIFI  to my router 

I have tested this extensively, I'm not getting the same result. Are you testing over WiFi or 4G? I tested over 4G now which should be worst case scenario.

On FreshPHONE - I called a client the call was Ok I could hear - They called me back and it was not audible !   Same as I reported earlier - So incoming calls do not work - It seems if outgoing is better now - At least I can call out


The Freshphone app is controlled by us and we have set the codecs in the provisioning of the account. OPUS will work for you in this case. Please confirm that you are able to make and receive calls on the FP app.

I have un installed zoiper - I was just using it to test !    If you remove G711 will FreshPHONE work ? It did not before ????  I do not care just trying to find something that works - FreshPHONE is my preferred solution but  it does not work and you cannot set Codec on it - Zoiper you can .  So what now ? 

You can not have two devices registered at the same time, the one will  always take preference (in this case probably freshphone app because the  registration timeout is more agressive). I would suggest resetting that  freshphone app and for now only testing on one platform. If you like I  can remove the g711 codec that I added for you to test, zoiper should  support it, it should be listed as G711 - alaw on your zoiper.

But  FreshPHONE app is working on dial out but not incoming - At least I can answer the call even thought I cannot hear anything -  With PC and zoiper cannot answer - but it no longer calls out  !   So if I can fix FreshPHONE app to receive good audio - We have a solution -

NOW I cannot make calls with Zoiper anymore !!!

I have Zoiper on my PC and FreshPHONE on my cell -   I tried a call from my FreshPHONE - It worked OK - Then I asked the person to call me back - And they did 4 times and got Garble audio - IE Not working -

Now I must figure out how to accept incoming calls on my PC via Zoiper and see if that works - So far I have only initiated the calls . 

The UDP vs TCP was just a suggestion because Voice is a realtime service there is no need to be using TCP, if there is any packet loss anywhere ont he route between us and you the TCP retransmit is going to add unnecessary latency. I have enabled G711a if you like to try that too. I see that your user agent is now the FreshPHONE app is that correct?

Opus is working for me - So Far  ( Only Codec I have setup )

UDP did not work with Zoiper settings as they were at that time !  Made no difference

I have not yet enabled G711, I wanted to test UDP first, I will enable if you would like to test again, or is OPUS working for you?

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