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Call quality bad. Sounds garbled

My FP call quality used to be perfect. Few weeks ago it changed to terrible. I can barely hear the other person. The call sounds garbled so much so that I cannot use it anymore. Nothing changed on my PC. Using Zoiper 5.2.28 64Bit on Win7. My internet line is 50Mb/s symmetrical fibre.

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Hi Louis, 

Please make sure that the codec's are GSM, G729 and OPUS if any of these are available, please disable all others including iLBC. Could you also please check in the settings and change the transport type from TCP to UDP.

Changed the codecs and that fixed the issue

Great, we have had some issues with iLBC of late. You may also consider changing TCP to UDP as voice is realtime and doesnt need to be TCP, you may experience call quality issues from that alone. If you drop a few packets on UDP it will carry on with life, with TCP it will resend for the packets and make sure they in order, that can add overhead and you would experience latency.

This is again a problem. Solution was short-lived. I have the following codecs selected:

Opus/16000, Opus/8000, Opus/24000, Opus/48000, GSM FR.

If I select UDP, the Zoiper does not connect to FreshPhone

UDP traffic is being blocked by your router/Firewall if it won't connect. TCP is not the optimum protocol to be on for VoIP. This will be the cause of your call quality issue

Also Audio bad - Basically Freshphone is useless to me !!!

Where do you change the Codec ? Mine is set to -

Audio Codecs
: G729, iLBC, opus, GSM  - In Dashboard no option to change

@Gary agreed. I cannot use FF anymore.

@FF: My router does not block UDP at all... Is there another VOIP app we can use?

Hi Louis

Have you tried the Freshphone Mobile App ?

Hi Gary

Which App do you use Freshphone on?

I use Freshphone on Android.  

Because that is now useless - I installed Zoiper on my PC same result - Not functional ! 

Freshphone is for all intense and purposes useless to me.

Please can you tell me which Codec you have selected?

Hi Gary

Android is the Operating System. Which App are you using on Android to use the Freshphone service?

Firstly How and where do you select Codec ? 

I am using the app Called FreshPHONE on a Samsung that runs Android - When I installed Zopier it was on Windows 10 -

As posted before :

Where do you change the Codec ? Mine is set to -

Audio Codecs
: G729, iLBC, opus, GSM  - In Dashboard no option to change

@FreshMan, I have not tried the FreshPhone mobile app because I use it primarily on my PC with a headeset as a landline replacement. But I can try the mobile app.

@Gary: on the Zoiper desktop app, you select the account, then Advanced top right then scroll down to Audio codecs

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