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Hardware phone + app

Hi all

I have set up a hardware phone which works perfectly. I ant to know if it's possible to have the freshphone app on my mobile as well. Would both ring until one is answered? Would be awesome if the answer is yes.

Hi Jules,

Yes, just becareful if you use our app, it uses push notifications so your registration will hand off to a server, if you want to use your desk phone again you will need to reset this app. Alternatively you could set a call forward on the deskphone to ring your mobile phone after a certain time, but there will be forwarding costs of course as the system will dial your mobile phone.

Thanks for the answer. Si I would need to turn off my hardware phone before signing into the app should I want to be mobile?

Hi Jules

The answer is no, they will fight each other for registration, with only one online at a time. Our sister company offers a premium service which does include Multi Device registrations.

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