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Inbound Calls direct to Voicemail

Good day,

I have had this issue now for about a week. Whenever someone calls they are sent directly to voicemail. Along with this when I try to call back the missed number I am told "Not Acceptable Here" on the ZoIPer app. 

I have tried disabling the ZoIPer app and using a direct VoIP handset but the same thing happens.

When I try to check the Inbound Call history in my Freshphone accounts backend it shows zero results of missed calls or accepted calls.

I'm pretty much dead in the water here and have no idea why the system isn't working, a prompt turn around would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

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Hi Ian, 

Please could you see if you are able to change the codec settings in Zoiper, please try use GSM or OPUS if it is available. With regards to the call history unfortantely this is sitting with Dev, I am waiting for feedback, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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