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Number porting - how do I know if my request is being actioned by Freshphone?

Hi All,

I completed RICA, paid R150 and completed the Telkom porting process on Freshphone on Tuesday, 12 March.

The last correspondence I received was on 12 March with a copy of the signed RightSignature document for the porting request. 

I have not received any correspondence from FreshPhone if they are proceeding with the number porting, when this is scheduled to take place, etc.

How do I know if anything is being done?

Hi Zaid

Apologies for the delayed response. You would have needed to upload the Freshphone porting application and bill and I.D. to the port request. You would have then received a Freshphone poring reference beginning with FP-PORT once submitted. If this was not done, then the port would not have been submitted to our porting authorities.

When do I receive my home line as requested?

I have been waiting for a landline for a month.....when can I expect a reply?

Hi Cynthia

Freshphone is not like Telkom where they install a landline. It is all Cloud based. If you would like an additional number, please advise and we can assist you with this.

I requested a port and submitted relevant info which was is already a month ago

Hi Cynthia

I have created a ticket to get the required information from you.

Hi I have ported my number and I have received no feedback . Can someone please look into this and sort it out. This was done about 2 weeks ago and this is my business line , I am unable to use this line until you sort it out. This is really urgent.

Hi Smart

Porting takes anything from 7-21 days. If you ported from Neotel, I can tell you that Neotel are dealing with a massive backlog of ports. You can mail to ask for an update

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