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Zoiper & analog phone to both ring

I decided to try SIP to replace Telkom. Freshphone website was the clearest and most upfront. Signup for new account was chop-chop easy, installation on Huawei B315 LTE modem was simple, Zoiper on Android cellphone was effortless with 3D barcode, even calls from laptop through Freshphone webpage interface worked first time. Now time will tell reliability and call quality.

The one thing that will be nice is if I could get the analog phone connected to the LTE modem and the Zoiper Android phone to ring at the same time. Can anybody suggest how to do this?

I know I can have upto 5 accounts but I cant link them in a 'ring group'.

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Hi Neil, 

I'm glad you have had a good experience so far. With regards to ringing on more than one device at a time, unfortunately this is not supported at this stage, we decided to not include that with the free residential service. How ever this year as we onboard from more and more angles, we may start offering a subscription based service for increased functionality but it kind of goes against what we were trying to create. 

We have not discussed this in depth as of yet so I cant give you any solid answers, its still a very big maybe!

The only solution I can offer you at the moment is our sister company with this service you can have calls ring on up to 3 devices at the same time.

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