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Phoning an overseas number returns Error

I am trying to call a number in Denmark but it never works

I have tried ticking that country in the tms portal so that it is allowed

I have tried dialing with +45 and with 0045 but the call always returns Error

Is anyone able to assist me?

Hi Brandon, 

The number you are dialing is only 6 digits long, with the country code its 8 digits, anything with less than 10 wont work even in this country. eg: 021 123 4567, 

Please check the number you are dialing, maybe they have an international number? Alternatively please reply to the ticket you have open, with more information.

Thank you

I need to call Holland America Line using 00 1 206 286 3900

A message is heard that this number cannot be called since it is actively blocked

What does this mean please?

(I can call this number using a Telkom phone no problem)

Hi Chris

There are dialling restrictions in place and you have to select the country/countries that you would like to be able to dial. This can be done in the TMS

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