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Constant calling from random numbers

Hi there, I registered for a number on Friday and already I'm having constant calls from random numbers, report attached


HI Simon, 

I messaged you directly about this, I have not had a response. Please reply to the ticket as soon as possible. Thanks.

Hi We have registered a new no aswell, and are receiving random calls?

I'm having the same problem with random calls every 10 seconds, these call are coming through. how does one stop them

I am also having calls come though every few seconds from 101.  when I pick up no-one is there.  How do I stop these please?  They don't reflect in my incoming call history. 

Hi Guys just a question do you have any ip cameras on your network?

Hi Maarten, 

No we do not, we run purely voice on our network.

Hi Cara, 

Have you managed to a take a look at your network settings? I see I can scan your phone using the same tools that the SIPvicious hacker's use.

I only have a home wifi / network and do not know how to change these settings to be more secure. Any advice would be appreciated.  My device is a normal landline phone with the Granstream digital converter.  As soon as I plug my phone to the converter, I get the calls.   

Hi John,

Please advise on the make of router you have. 

Hi, its a TP Link, new model

Hi All

Please see previous post on how to fix this 

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