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Rica delay

Hi all

I submitted my doc on Monday and it's still under review?? How long does the pending process take?

Hi Clive

I can confirm your RICA document has been approved.

My apologies for the delay.

Thank you!
Good day I have send my RICA documents And still my documents has not been RICA please email me please

Your RICA has since been approved on your 1 account, however I see two accounts with your name.

Please send an email to billing@freshphone and confirm the account you are awaiting RICA approval on.

I registered an account on behalf of my uncle and even today there is documents that have not yet been approved and we want to update numbers on our website and flyers before January. How long does it take? I tried sending an email to billing@freshphone and got only an automated response.

Hi Pfarelo

Your uncle's RICA has been approved and all is in order.


Hi, I sent my RICA document as requested non the 22/12/2020. It still says pending. Please let me know what is wrong.


I registered a account on the 22 Dec 2020 and as of today the RICA still says pending. Please advise what the problem is.



Hi Neil

Apologies for the delay.

Your Rica has been approved on the 30/12/2020 and all is in order.


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