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Unable to change Geo Ported DID

Shouldn't I be able to keep my ported number separate from the 087 number? The DID manager has no options. 

Hi Joseph,

Your ported number becomes an alias to your 087 number. You are only able to have 1 inbound number on a freshphone account. There are not routing option available on the freshphone platform so you would be able to do anything different with the 087 number if it was separate.

I wish this was stated somewhere. The whole online dashboard makes me think that multiple numbers can be managed with one account. At no time was this explained.

What are my options because I NEED these two numbers to be separate. 

You will have to create a new account and have us move the geographical DID to the new account. Unfortunately this is the only option.

second account created 27870571449. Please transfer the 021 number to that account. 

Hi Joseph

The number has been moved.

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