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Endless incoming calls from random numbers

We keep getting phantom calls from numbers which show up as 5005 1010101 etc. Some show in the incoming from 087 and 021 numbers - must be spoofed.  I suppose this is similar the other SIPvicious attacks that I see on your forum - but it is different in that some of the calls appear in the incoming call log.

We will try the advice about NAT, firewall and port changes.

What other advice can you offer?

Hi again,

I see that I might have to do that through a web interface after reading this:

But at the moment I cannot seem to access that page through the IP address they give

Hi Fresh Man - Yeah, I had to login to the Base Station to find those settings you mentioned. I have done as you suggested.

Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction, got there eventually!

I certainly hope that'll fix this issue!

Hi Michael, sorry I wasn't very clear about where to change these settings! Glad you found it though. Hope it helps, if you have received another call by now I think it has worked.

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