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Endless incoming calls from random numbers

We keep getting phantom calls from numbers which show up as 5005 1010101 etc. Some show in the incoming from 087 and 021 numbers - must be spoofed.  I suppose this is similar the other SIPvicious attacks that I see on your forum - but it is different in that some of the calls appear in the incoming call log.

We will try the advice about NAT, firewall and port changes.

What other advice can you offer?

When you say they show in the incoming log, do you mean on the incoming log in the TMS?

If it is SIPvicious, your best bet is to change ports and bolster your NAT config.

Yes - in the freshphone incoming call history: eg

Call Date & TimeFromCall DurationAnswer StatusDialled DID
2019-01-28 09:46:14 272142508100 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-28 09:45:49 272142508700 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-28 09:24:24 272159544370 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-28 09:24:06 272159544370 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-28 08:39:11 272167134280 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-28 08:31:00 272167134280 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-28 08:28:43 272167134280 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-24 09:16:04 278737148360 secInvalid (c)27216716486
2019-01-23 15:44:35 272146992400 secCanceled27216716486
2019-01-23 11:51:30 278735206640 secCanceled27216716486
2019-01-23 11:11:17 278737148360 secCanceled27216716486
2019-01-23 11:10:33 278737148360 secCanceled27216716486
2019-01-22 16:32:58 272146992401 min 11 secAnswered27216716486
2019-01-22 11:02:36 278378129081 min 14 secAnswered27216716486
2019-01-22 11:02:17 278378129080 secCanceled27216716486
2019-01-21 09:57:31 272167134280 secCanceled27216716486
2019-01-21 09:09:50 272167134280 secCanceled27216716486

These seem to be legitimate calls, someone is dialling your geographic number. If you answer it is there anyone on the line?

Hi - There is nobody on the line if we answer the call.  I tried dialing one of the numbers and it was a legitimate company but they said they hadn't made any calls to my number.  That's why I thought these calls were something different to the SIPVicious hack



Hi Peter,

Its possible that someone is spoofing the number and calling you, but why, it doesnt make any sense for a random person to call your house. Do you have an example of a call that happened in the last few hours? I would like to ask our upstream provider to look at the originating network details.

I'm have the same issue, on a new number from you

Hi Simon

Are the Ghost calls to your number showing up in the Call History in the TMS?

Hello, Over the last 3 days this has started here too. Always in evening and on through night. Getting very annoying now. Numbers on phone are usually three/four digits - 2001, 1010, 100 etc. I checked my incoming history on my account page but it is blank or doesnt work. Zero numbers appear, even legit ones (??).

Any solution to this other than pulling the power plug which kinda defeats the object here of having a phone!

Hi Michael, 

This definitely sounds like a SIPvicious issue. Please let me know what type of phone you have? On yealinks there is a way to change port to be non standard so that can help, also bolstering the router security and nat will help. Please could you plug your phone in again so i can test if it susceptible to SIPVicious. 

Hi - Actually since I posted that the frequency has gone up to EVERY 20 minutes today!! All from 1101 as caller ID.

I have a Yealink W52P handset and base station.

Would sincerely appreciate a tutorial how to stop as the linked stuff (even though I have same Router - TP Link) makes absolutely no sense!

At moment I have disconnected as its just too much now. Also it rings for such a long time, ignoring any setting on the phone.


Hi - I have plugged it back in.

Afraid all the NAT router security stuff I dont understand at all. Any tutorials or "explain like i'm five" stuff will help. Thanks

It started again barely 3 minutes after I plugged in again :( from 1011 now

There are two things which can be done, and probably should be done, on the phone please click on Features -> General information -> and scroll to the bottom and find "Accept SIP Trust Server Only" and set this to enable. Then go to Settings -> SIP -> "Local SIP Port" and set the port to 5090. 

Hi Fresh Man.

I cannot find one called "Features" - There is one called "Call Features" and I tried that but couldnt find the "Accept SIP Trust Server only" option. There is one called "Anon Call Rejection" and I set that to ENABLED. Obviously that didn't work because it just rang again with same ID :(

Also I cannot find a SIP menu under the Settings?

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