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Airtime balance no longer displays in the app

Since the last update, the airtime balance no longer displays in the top left of the app. This is on a Samsung S9 Plus. I haven't tried it on another device. Anyone else experience this?

Hi Mark, as discussed we are looking into it, there definitely seems to be a display issue with certain mobiles. I will update you once I have some feedback.

Some feedback, Dev has replicated the issue, they are working on a fix, will let you know when I push live.

Just as an update, now that I am down to a single digit ZAR balance (plus 2 decimal places), the ZAR balance does show now. Any update on the new release?

Hi Mark,

I did speak to the development company who created the app, they didnt give me any time line for resolution, I keep periodically checking in with them. I have note released a new app yet, its strange how it is working now though. I will have a look my side as well. Thanks for the update.

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