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My home phone is continuously going offline, despite the fact that the internet is working.

I try to reboot it by unplugging it - but this does not work.

I am "off-line" because I have never been ported, and put "on-line"!  I have submitted all documentation and paid my R150.00 for porting. Every time I query this, FreshPhone comes back with further needs - I am sick and tired of being messed around. I need some urgent help. Latest email sent 10 minutes ago, let's see what comes back! Robert Innes

Hi Robert, 

Just to clarify, porting has nothing to do with your phone being offline, even if you number had ported it would still be offline. The number is just an alias to your account, you still need to register your end point device with the 2787xxxx credentials. Has your freshphone account ever been online? have you been able to receive a call on your 087 freshphone number? 

My FreshPhone has never been on line, and I don't know how to do this. Will check VOIP phone tomorrow. Nobody knows my 087 number, as I have been waiting for the porting to be done.- so I have never received any calls. Thanks for your help.

I would strongly urge you get your account online first and test the 087 number before porting, there could be unforeseen issues like incompatible routers, ISP's blocking SIP etc which would render the VoIP phone unbearable to use, at which point your number will be moved and it will take time to port out again etc.

Please try get the account online, if you need help please post in the forum if you have a specific question.

I need help to get my phone on line. I am 81 years old and am battling to get my account online. I do not understand all the technical jargon!

Hi Bob

As far as I am aware all is working now with your phone

Hi Vanessa

I have one of my guys that will be assisting you shortly through your ticket

Yes the phone is working OK, and I have contacted the porting guys to tell them to go ahead with the porting.

Many thanks,

Bob Innes

My phone has been off line for weeks

 when I try to log in it tells me my IP is blocked   and yet I stream I use computer no problems

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