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Fast busy tone when trying to dial out

We have the Hauwei B315 - it is the generic not one supplied by any cell network. With an MTN data sim. The SIP account is registered and we can receive calls via an analog phone plugged into the phone port. However we cannot make calls. We get the fast busy tone when we try dial out.  I have installed Zoiper on my cell and registered the account and I can make calls.  I have switched off SIP ALG as per the instructions on the forum. But not sure what else to do to try get it to work. Any ideas? Thanks

Great to hear!

Hi Nicolas, 

Its very strange that you cant make calls its more often than not the other way around. Have you checked the codecs? I will try the same from my side and see if I can replicate.


I just tried it with another B315 router and is works fine exact same config (only difference is that it is an Axxess sim (but that is on MTN network).  I am not sure if it is an operator issue.  They might be taking too long to dial.  I will try again tonight.

Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure about the Codecs as it does not seem possible to change them on this router.

Unfortunately all I have is a Vodacom sim to test, I cant seem to replicate the issue. Its possible that they are blocking the calls, maybe try set the outbound proxy to and see if it helps at all.


Did not get a chance to test yet. Will try again today. Thanks

Hi Problem is now solved. i replaced the analog handset and all is now good.  I suspect that where was an issue with the handset. Thanks Nick

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