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what does it cost non-fresh callers to call a fresh phone?

Would a Telkom caller pay regular landline rates when calling a fresh phone?

What would an international caller be charged a call to a landline?

Hi Colleen

Telkom callers would pay whatever Telkom charges for calls to VoIP numbers. It will not be a regular landline rates.

International callers would be charged whatever their international carrier charges for calls to SA VoIP numbers.

By chance does anybody here know what Telkom, MTN, Vodacom, CellC charge to voip numbers? I tried Telkom call calculator site but it doesn't recognize Freshphone numbers.

Where can we get the call rates for:

  • Telkom to Freshphone
  • MTN/Cell-C/Vodacom to Feshphone
  • International to Freshphone
UPDATE on my question for costs to 3rd party:

Did some testing:

  • MTN (legacy 60c/min PAYG plan) to Freshphone ~60c per min
  • CellC (66c/min PAYG plan) to Freshphone ~66c per min
So for MTN & Cell-C the costs are according to my PAYG plan rates - so no surprises.

Hi Alberto

Thank you for that info

By comparison; a Telkom geographical number to another Telkom geographical number in the same area code costs 63c per min during std\peak hours. 

Hi Werner

Thank you for that info

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