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Account 'missing'

 I have had an account and sent all my RICA documents, so I know there was an account there.

When I couldn't get it to work, I was checking around the site and must have clicked on something because now it's gone and I get this error message:

"Oops! You don't have any accounts set up yet, click the Add Account button above to add a new telephone account."

The additional problem being though, there is no "Add Account" button to be found.

What am I missing?

(thank you in advance! =) )

I believe you may have clicked "remove account" I will have someone re-assign it to your TMS user shortly.

Thank you so much!

Good Day,

Just a follow up as I still don't have my account.

OI get this error message now:

"Unable to load section, try to reload the TMS Tab by clicking on its header."

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

Good day Karl, my apologies for that, this has been rectified.

Thank you so much!

Have a great rest of your day!

Hi Fresh Man

I have done the same. I have however 'intentionally' clicked on remove account because I wanted to link my newly ported geographic number (011...) instead of the temporary 087... number. Is it possible for you to please add my geographic number to my account? At the moment, because I removed the 087 number I have no accounts linked. There is no Add Account button for me to do it myself.

Thank you kindly.

HI Arshad I will re-link it shortly. Please don't remove the account, after porting we add the number to your account for you, the 087 number will always remain there as the account, but you will be able to receive and make calls as your geographic number.

Hi Fresh man

I have made the same mistake as Arshad Nabbie. I removed my account as well after porting.

Please re-link my account as well


Hi Siraj,

This has been fixed.

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