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Good Day, 

I would like to subscribe to FreshPhone fot the following 2 numbers please: 

Henry - 076 XXX XXXX ( Current Cell C contract ) 

Henry -  078 XXX XXXX  (Alternative MTN pay as you go number ) 


Ingo  - 081 XXX XXXX ( Current MTC - Namibie - Contract number. 

Kindly advice to subscribe and make payment. 

Kind Regards, 



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Hi Henry,


I'm not 100% sure I understand this request. The FreshPHONE service is landline based, in that we can only supply 087 numbers or port existing Geographical numbers such as 021/011/031 etc. 

We would not be able to port any mobile numbers. The best you could achieve is to forward 087 calls to a mobile number but that will be for your account.

With regards to sign up, its free, please go to to sign up. Please let me know if you need any further information.

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