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Re-activate account "removed" from SIP Settings

I very stupidly clicked "Remove Account" in the SIP settings section of my dashboard.

Now when I sign in this is what I see:

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Oops! You don't have any accounts set up yet, click the Add Account button above to add a new telephone account.

The only problem is: There is no "Add Account" Button.

What now

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Hi Jan,

I've answered your query on the private ticket you created. 

Thank you. 

Hi @Fresh IT,

I have the same issue and your system wont let me log a ticket. This is very irritating.

Please advise.

Hi Craig,

I have replied to your ticket, the reason why we don't want tickets created is because this is supposed to be a community driven and supported system, obviously with the issue you had we would need to intervene which we have. I have sent a request to dev to remove the ability to remove accounts from a TMS, a number of people press that button by accident so we are going to either remove it or add a warning before removal.

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Hi Fresh Man,

Thank you for the prompt response.

It is all working now, I appreciate the effort.

All the best,


No problem!

Hi Fresh Man, I have the same issue. I was under the impression that a new number which I purchased would be under a different sip. Please help.
I have the same issue. Please could someone look into my ticket

Hi Jacques and Joash

Please send a mail to to attend to your issue with the account removal

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