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Unable to call vodacom cell phone numbers

Good day,

I am able to call Vodacom numbers. Calling to MTN, CellC and MTN work fine. 

I have checked my dialing restrictions and even added 082* to the whitelist but it still does not work.

Please assist.

Hi Mark, 

I assume this is because your Caller ID is set to your mobile number. We have to change this, it was once accepted by Network providers but no longer. ICASA has put their foot down and Vodacom has put in measures to bin all calls that don't match certain criteria.

In this case Vodacom can tell that the call you are making with a Vodacom CLI was not originated on thier network nor any other network which the number was ported to. Please may you try change your Caller ID to the 087 number or anonymous and test again.


Confirmed. I changed my caller ID to my 087 number and the issue went away.

Much appreciated

Great thank you very much!

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