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Calls going dead

Is there a problem with the network as I have been using FreshPhone for well over a year with no problems? 

However, the last few days when I make a call the call goes through and then after a few minites of speaking goes dead. Somethongs it starts working again but most times you have to redial. There are often times when two people are talking at once on two lines and maybe a third tries to dial.

Hi Ian

One way audio is one of 2 things. Bandwidth or Firewall. 


Callers not being able to hear you is upload bandwidth issues, and you not being able to hear callers is download bandwidth issues. ( the fact that you changed your package to a more contended package points at this one)


Ensure that SIP ALG is disabled on your router and that your firewall allows all UDP traffic to and from on port 5060, and RTP on ports 10000-20000 ( This one would only be relevant if you changed your router since it last worked)

Also having this problem... other party can hear me, but I can't hear them. And it's difficult to end the call.. hanging up or "End" button does not immediately disconnect.

Didn't have this problem before.

Recently switched to Afrihost "Pure" package from their "Premium" package, don't know if that has anything to do with it. On 100/10 connection.

It's worrying because I've just requested a port from my landline number ...

Hi, I'm having the same problem the last two months on a CellC LTE connection. When I make a call the call disconnect after a minute or two and when I redial the same number, in most cases the call does not disconnect again

Great thanks for letting me know

ok it's working now. I'll test to see if the line drops through the app.

Please test again

Hi Helena, 

That could be possible, let me see if I can update that for you quickly.

On the top icons by the dot it says unauthorized, maybe it is the password change that you did (when my account was hacked and I lost R500) but the password hasn't been updated in the dashboard

I uninstalled from 1 and tried the other one, but no luck. Note that I only want to use it for outgoing calls.

Hi Helena,

The Freshphone account can only be used on one device at a time. If there are two devices with the same account each device will be fighting each other for registration which will cause you to loss incoming calls. Please only activate the account on one device only. 

Thank you. 

I installed it on 2 different phones, but I was unable to make phone calls.

On the one device it tries to call but no dial tone only a buz and on the other when I press to call it just returns to previous screen.

Hi Helena, 

I can send you a QR code to scan, please download a QR code reader, scan it (like you would at snap scan) and follow the link it provides. I can not enable the app in a non english country as it will negatively affect our app analytics.

In South Africa but  Google play is set up for Greece

which country are you in?

I found it

but it says: this item is not available in your country

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