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Calls going dead

Is there a problem with the network as I have been using FreshPhone for well over a year with no problems? 

However, the last few days when I make a call the call goes through and then after a few minites of speaking goes dead. Somethongs it starts working again but most times you have to redial. There are often times when two people are talking at once on two lines and maybe a third tries to dial.

Hi Neil,

I hope you are well. Please advise on the internet connection you are using for the phone system. If you are sharing voice and data on the same internet connection, it could be causing the issue you are experiencing. Data will always take priority over voice. You can perform a test, when on a call stop using your PC or any device with an internet connection, just to see if the call cuts when there is no activity on the internet connection. 

Thank you. 


We do share data on this line, but I have had if for a few years and there has never been a problem wit FreshPhone calls dropping. It is a 8Mb wi-fi link. 

Hi Neil,

There could be two causes to the issue you are experiencing. One, there could be a device on the internal network which is consuming a lot of bandwidth. Two, your internet connection or ISP are having issues. I can confirm there are no issues on the Freshphone network. 

Thank you. 

I also have the same problem at incoming and outgoing calls. Very often suddenly I can't hear the other party, but it seems they can hear me.  Sometimes if I hook flash it might come back but mostly we have to call again. Very frustrating when dealing with banks etc.

We have a 20/2 Mbps fibre line.

Hi Helena,

Have you tried installing the fresphone app on your mobile and attempted these same calls over LTE data? If not please could you try and let me know the result. 

Hi  Fresh Man, could you give a link for the fresphone app for android?

Hi Helena,

Please search for freshphone in the google play store

I found it

but it says: this item is not available in your country

which country are you in?

In South Africa but  Google play is set up for Greece

Hi Helena, 

I can send you a QR code to scan, please download a QR code reader, scan it (like you would at snap scan) and follow the link it provides. I can not enable the app in a non english country as it will negatively affect our app analytics.

I installed it on 2 different phones, but I was unable to make phone calls.

On the one device it tries to call but no dial tone only a buz and on the other when I press to call it just returns to previous screen.

Hi Helena,

The Freshphone account can only be used on one device at a time. If there are two devices with the same account each device will be fighting each other for registration which will cause you to loss incoming calls. Please only activate the account on one device only. 

Thank you. 

I uninstalled from 1 and tried the other one, but no luck. Note that I only want to use it for outgoing calls.

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