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Software for Windows computer

Please recommend me software to use Freshphone on my Windows computer. I'm hard of hearing and use a headset with amplifier.

The free Zoiper software irritates me to no end, would not buy the program as I don't like the restrictions about activation on a different computer/ transfer of licence.

I have tried some but those I like I cannot het to work with freshphone settings.

Thank you.

Hi Chrisjan,

I hope you are well. There are a few softphone applications for windows. We normally recommend Zoiper or bria for our system to run on. The softphone application needs to support SIP, not all VoIP applications support that platform. 

Thank you. 

I am using the Freshphone ios app. I find that the audio is not clear. If I use a desktop voip phone the audio is clear. I checked Zoiper app but it states that I need to pay for push notifications whereas Freshphone app does not , secondly Freshphone app shows your account balance. Reading support comments it says I should disable sip alg on router which I did, however no improvement. Do not want to use desktop voip phone because of mobility that I get with mobile phone. Would you suggest me moving over to Zoiper from Freshphone app and paying for the push notifications as well as the additional audio codes

Morning Mcajee, I have created a ticket for this request and will be in contact via the ticket. 

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