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Unable to register phone

I have been unable to register my Yealink SIP T21P phone. 

Any advice would be welcome 


Hi Waweru,

I hope you are well. Please try pinging from your PC to see if your network allows traffic to us. If the ping is successful please try using the IP address instead of the URL for the domain/host. Also, check if all the credentials are correctly inputted into the device. 

Thank you. 

Hi Fresh IT

If ping to through with but not with ip, what would be the problem?


Hi Woonam

You can ping the domain name but not the IP address


Hi Woonam,

Please try using the IP address instead of the URL for the domain/host.

Let me know what the result is thanks.

Hi Fresh

I have my w52p set up nicely, everything works great with the base and 2 handsets.  I've just bought a t21p for my home office but i don't know how to sync it with the w52p so they are all on one network.  Could you assist with the step by step process thanks. 

Hi Greg

The T21P does not link to a DECT base station. It is a stand alone device

Ok is there any way to make them play nice? I have inputted all the settings so they are all the same. But it keeps telling me the registration has failed, and sometimes it just works but I can't call out, I can only receive calls. The w52p and handsets are working brilliantly. I just need to get the t21p to play nice with them

Hi Greg

You can't have the same account on both devices, they will clash. The only settings you need for the T21P are 

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