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incoming calls not working

I am new to Freshphone and have been battling since inception. Have loaded prepaid; can now dial out and receive calls Freshphone to Freshphone but no other incoming calls ie from cell or landline numbers my number 0870945085

Hi Ailsa,

I hope you are well. I tested your 087 number on multiple networks, with every call being successful. I would like you to perform a test on your side, please call the 087 number from your mobile. Please let me know if the issue persists. 

Thank you. 

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Thank you - have tested from my cell - it works. Is there perhaps a Vodacom problem? The two people who couldn't phone in began with 082 or perhaps was it to do with the RICA which is now sorted?

Thank you! Will report if there are further difficulties

Hi Ailsa,

Thank you. 

I have a similar problem, new to freshphone. Setup account did RICA. Registered and funded my account. Can make calls but can not receive calls, tested with another account to check hardware and it works fine. Tested from other networks MTN telkom and vodacom and get number does not exist. number is 087 289 5618



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