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Device Status: Offline

Hi Fresh,

My VOIP Phone went offline and I have checked the connections and they seem to be fine. ISP is Cell C and the internet is working.

The hand set is a Yealink W56H with a W60B Base station.

Can you please assist.



Hi Marcelle,

I've answered your question on the private ticket you created.

Thank you. 

The internet status is fully operational, but I can't receive or make calls.  There is sufficient airtime as well. All I hear is a continual engaged tone.  I did restart the router and it remains offline.

Is it due to the load shedding problems?  

Hi Abiseshen,

Please try changing the local port on the base station to 5090. Sometimes the local port the phone uses on your internet router gets congested and doesn't allow traffic to move through it. Another way to combat this issue is to switch router off and wait for 20 seconds and then restart. 

Thank you. 

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