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IP being blocked / unable to register

My IP is being blocked again:


I do not know why the old forum post was deleted: (see: screenshot)


Nothing changed on my side. Support will accuse me of using wrong credentials but nothing changed:


Why is freshphone not competent enough to solve this issue? Why was my old topic deleted?

Hi Gunther

The only way an IP is blocked is if incorrect credentials are sent through to us. There must be some device, could be a mobile phone or desk phone or router that has not been incorrectly configured. This is the only rule that stipulates if an IP must be blocked.

What devices have you tried to install it on and what device is it currently installed on?

Hi Gunter

I just asked our Dev team on what is happening here and they informed me that the credentials are in fact being sent incorrectly by some sort of onsite asterisk box you are running. Turn that off, add the extension to a mobile phone app or to a VoIP deskphone and you will not experience this issue at all.

I am using a Yeastar TA200. I have not changed the configuration for over 3 months nor have I (de-)attached any device.

In the logs I would be able to see any mis logins, but they only start as soon as my IP is being blocked.

Additionally when I dial 0214026243 they can hear me, but I can not hear them.

 Yeastar TA200 IS asterix - there is no other asterix box running locally.

Please send me via private message the false credentials I am using so I can check.

Hi Gunter

I have asked the Dev for some more clarity. We will send the info from private ticket

Hi Gunter

It has to do with the "from" field that you are sending to us. Dev will be replying to you via a ticket with all the info, but basically the info you are sending to us Caller ID wise is incorrect. We handle the Caller ID on our gateway and you do not have to send any info pertaining to this as you have already set it on your TMS.

The "from" field is empty in my settings. I need please details on what is going wrong so I can forward it to the device manufacture.

My question is still unanswered: why am I not being blocked consistently - because even if my device is at fault, I am not changing anything - yet I am not constantly being blocked?

Can I connect from two different devices simultaneously with the same credentials?

And why was my other forum post deleted?

Hi Gunter

Question: Can I connect from two different devices simultaneously with the same credentials?

Answer: No, they will fight each other for registration.

Your other questions will be answered via the private ticket


A firewall is definitely in place (and I tested it) - e.g. no external connections to port 5060 (udp/tcp) are allowed except if they come from

So an external source trying to login to fresphone over my connection would not be possible.

Hi Gunter

As per the reply from Dev on the ticket, the 021 number that you are sending us is the incorrect format. Under the Basic Settings, make the Call ID your 2787xxxxxx number and we will handle the 021 Caller ID on our gateway. This should stop the blacklisting

Hi Gunter

I see that the credentials are all coming through correctly now. You shouldn't experience an issue any more.

Having the same issue, but trying to set up asterisk to point to freshphone, but now it cant access freshphone , just gets a timeout

Hi Ivan,

You might be being blacklisted if you are sending the from incorrectly to us. Please let me know what your public IP is so that I can have a look. 

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