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Incoming Calls from a 33 Number

Hi, I am not sure if I've raised this problem before on this forum, however I did not find any other posts about this on the forum.

So I ported my landline, and have the FreshPHONE service running through a Huawei B315 modem and using my existing cordless phones, and have not had any issues with operating the service like this.

However, at least once or twice a month, I receive calls from a 33 number, which dials at very random times. What I usually do is let it ring, and it stops after calling in once.

This morning this 33 number called in at 5:45am (and woke me up) and I tried declining the call once. It then persisted calling in (with me not answering it) several more times, every few minutes for the next 20 minutes, until it stopped by itself.

I'd be lying if I was to say that this was not annoying to say the least.

But above that, is there a reason why this keeps happening every month?

Any explanation or solution would be highl appreciated.

Hi Fresh Man, not entirely. I received one about a week ago, and all I do is to let the phone ring until it stops.

But this time it only happened once, and didn't repeat itself like it did before.

I'm happy to leave this little glitch, as the platform works with the analogue phones I have.

I reported the ghost calls hoping that there could be a solution found that didn't need me to consider having to buy another handset (which may or may not solve the problem).

I like the setup, calls are clear and I never had one issue (apart from the previous numbers I didn't know calling the 0860 number), but that has also since been fixed.

I'm just afraid to introduce something else in the mix that might make things not work.

So for now I will live with them I guess.


Hi Odwa

Another device will experience the same issue if used with a router that is not securing your network. So please don't try buying another handset

Hi Fresh Man,

Thanks for the clarity. It's not really a trainsmash, since I know it's a minor glitch.

So all is well.

Thanks again for all the help.

Hi Odwa,

Thank you. 

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