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Incoming Calls from a 33 Number

Hi, I am not sure if I've raised this problem before on this forum, however I did not find any other posts about this on the forum.

So I ported my landline, and have the FreshPHONE service running through a Huawei B315 modem and using my existing cordless phones, and have not had any issues with operating the service like this.

However, at least once or twice a month, I receive calls from a 33 number, which dials at very random times. What I usually do is let it ring, and it stops after calling in once.

This morning this 33 number called in at 5:45am (and woke me up) and I tried declining the call once. It then persisted calling in (with me not answering it) several more times, every few minutes for the next 20 minutes, until it stopped by itself.

I'd be lying if I was to say that this was not annoying to say the least.

But above that, is there a reason why this keeps happening every month?

Any explanation or solution would be highl appreciated.

I spoke too soon. This 33 number is still calling in at 6:30am, and I tried looking at the call log to see if it even shows up, and it does not even register on the Incoming Call history.

Hi Odwa,

Please advise what brand and model of the cordless you have. 

Thank you. 

Hi there, I use the Panasonic KX-TGA131EX (3-handset) cordless phones.

As stated, the phones work just fine when setup via the Huawei modem. It's just this number 33 that keeps on dialling in every now and again.

I think this is a form of SIPvicious attack since I see no record of any calls during that time period. Please could you try change the SIP port on the phone device you are using, remember that the SIP register port needs to still be 5060 but there could be a setting for the Phone's SIP port as seen below on this Yealink.

I'll try and see if there is a setting like that on my device and will attempt to make the changes later this evening.

Hi Odwa

Did you manage to find the setting?

Hi Fresh Man, just been having some issues with intermittent internet for the past day or so, but that seems to have been fixed, and I will check today.

Just for clarity, I must look for the setting within the Huawei B315's settings, correct?

If you are using the router as an ATA adapter then yes.

Hi Fresh Man,

Sorry for the delay, but I've just been busy on my end.

So I went through the Huawei B315 LTE modem settings, and only found this page (under VoIP settings) which had any configurable port settings.

The settings in my screenshot are as per the settings that are described on this site, on:

"How do I set up a Huawei B315 with my Analogue phone?" found at this link:

And as stated, everything works just fine, apart from the random 33 number that dails in ever so often.

So which of the port settings from my screenshot should I change, and what should I change them to? And also, will this leave my service still able to make and receive calls, as it has been?

And most importantly, will it resolve that dialling in from that random ("ghost") 33 number?


I seem to remember blocking your 087 number from receiving incoming calls because of a number which kept calling you? Is this the same thing?

If it seems to be "ghost calls" then its entirely possible that somewhere someone on the internet is sending you a SIP invite to your IP address on port 5060 which is ringing your device. I can see your SIP contact is sip:27XXXXXXXX@41.XX.XX.200:5060 which means I could reach you on the public internet. I dont know if the router is able to NAT your SIP connection properly, you might want to look at using a VoIP phone rather.

Yes, the 087 is blocked on your end. However, those were actual calls.

This 33 number is not a real number, for when I try and answer (the one time I did), it didn't sound like there is anyone else on the other end.

I'll keep monitoring it for now, for as I said, it is once or so a month thing.

Hi Odwa

Yes, it is not a real number, it is just a packet of info sent to the phone which causes the phone to ring as the phone does not know what else to do. Which router do you use?

Hi Fresh Man,

It's the Huawei B315 LTE modem. It's the black one, so I guess it's the slightly older model, since I think there is a newer Hauwei B315 modem.

Hi Odwa

Have your ghost calls stopped happening?

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