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Ported Telkom number not working


I ported my Telkom number which was successful and shows up in the DID manager. 

I get a constant busy tone when when trying to make a call. Any calls to telkom number does not ring.

Please assist.

" Any calls to telkom number does not ring." I see you have mentioned that you get a constant busy tone but is this just to to Telkom numbers or all calls that you try and make out?

Hi, I don't get a normal dial tone - it's a busy tone. If I try an dial into the landline or 087 number from another phone line the phone does not receive a call. The call history on the portal shows the incoming call. Regards Naeem

Seems like it might be the device thats the issue. Could you possibly send me a screenshot on how the account is set up on the phone through the Web UI?



See attached screenshots. My phone is attached to a Technicolor TG789vac v2 router which has a built in voip adapter.

BTW it was working before the port.


(67.9 KB)
(97.9 KB)

Would it be possible if you could install Zoiper on your cellphone and use the Zoiper QR code to register the SIP registration. I would like to see if you will then be able to make and recieve calls.

Please advise when this has been done :)



Thanks for the help - the device was faulty.



Glad I could assist :) Have an awesoe day further.

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