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Problems with Yealink W60B and W56H

My ISP is Vox and they provided a Mikrotik hAP ac lite routerboard

I am able to make calls from the handset but when I try and phone in there are problems.


  1. the call does not connect - i.e. there is just silence from the handset making the call (this is generally the case) , or
  2. sometimes (but not always) if I am simultaneously logged onto my dashboard the handset making the call will have a ring tone and the call will be shown on the dashboard (see below).  When this happens, occasionally (but not always) there will be a ringing sound.  The handsets do not ring at all
I have set up and checked the settings contained in including those for using 2 handsets

Your assistance would be appreciated


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Hi Raymond,

I see you have mentioned that you hav a Mikrotik there. Could you possibly check if the following settings are disabled as its seems like it migh be becasue of some settings that should be disabled on the outer.:

UDP lite
SIP ALG/ ( On MikroTik routers its called SIP Direct media )

These setting should be under  IP - Firewall - service ports and all of them should be disabled.

Please let me know :)


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