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Geographic DID stopped working

Calls to my geographic number 021 855 3271 have suddenly stopped working. I can make calls and I can receive calls to my 087 238 3416 number but when I call the 021 855 3271 number it says 'The telephone number you have called is not available, please try again later'. 

Well I've been ported since June and it worked yesterday. I've given additional details to the team on the support ticket. Thanks.

Hi Mohammed,

This is likely due to a porting issue, I will create a porting ticket for you, form there the porting team will be able to assist.


I am also experiencing this problem. When I dial the Ported Geographic number today, I get a short engaged tone before hangup. If i dial the 087 account number, it works fine.

Hi Kurt,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query. 

Thank you. 

Yes I think I have this problem too...

Hi Errol,

I will create a ticket regarding this query.

Thank you. 

My issue has now resolved itself, so probably just a temporary routing issue.

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same problem here,

using a Siemens A510P VOIP Phone,  outgoing calls dont happen (shows as cancelled in Dashboard) incoming calls from mobile just cut off.

methinks its a network issue, hopefully resolved soon.

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