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No outgoing cslks only incoming - credit available

Hi; I can revive but can't make outgoing calls. I had this problem using a browser but it was sorted. This problem remains on my VOIP phone which does not have a lot of settings and I can't figure out why incoming would work but not outgoing. I have credit and Zoiper works in my network so I guess no router issue. I have used this phone on other accounts - no problem. I only have one device signed into my account. Please someone point me in the right direction, I have been struggling for 3 months and my number has been ported so I soon will only have VOIP.

Hi Alexander,

I believe the issue could be with the outbound assignment, on the gigaset if you go to lines I think it is, you will see "incoming", "outgoing" and "PSTN" can you please make sure the outgoing is using the sip line?

I do not have a gigaset on me at the moment but I can have a look at it in the morning. Please have a look and see if you can find that setting.

Thank you for the response, I have found the issue. Browsing your forum (and reading a setup guide for Siemens) I realized that I had several old accounts active on my phone and that outgoing calls was not active to use the fresh account (had to enable it under  Number assignment). This has solved my problem - All I had to do was tell the phone to use the fresh account fro outgoing calls. Thank you.


Hi Alexander,

I am glad you got sorted!

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