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Caller ID on forwarded calls

I have all my calls forwarded to my cellphone, before (>month ago) when I received a call on my Freshphone number (now my ported number), the call would show the Caller ID of the person that was calling. 

Now, the caller ID comes up as my Freshphone (ported) number. 

How do I get it back to showing mw who is calling me. Its especially inconvenient to ask the caller for their number because it did not show up. 

Urgently advise, 

Thank you, 

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Hi Lynne

Your 031 number has been set as the caller ID I see

I have exactly the same query. If anything should change, please advise. Having caller ID is an important aspect of my business.

Unfortunately, the feature has been removed due to the ICASA Law's regulations. This states that should anyone be able to mask a number, they could set it as a number that is not owned by them which is not legal.

The only number that will be allowed to display would be your freshphone account number or any number ported to the Freshphone PBX.


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