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Masking your number?

Is there a way to mask one's number for an individual call?  Eg, on my cell, i'd dial #31# before the number to mask from recipient?

I see there is an issue, will have it fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

I see the anonymous field is there now, but it doesn't seem to be working.   When i originally set my number to "anonymous" and tested it, it was working..   But today i've called my cell, and even though its still set to anonymous, my number is showing on the incoming call....

There is no official ruling, we are just complying with what our providers have stipulated, we can make your caller ID anything but if they reject it you wont be able to call out. I will ask Dev to add an anonymous field to the Number drop down, it should actually have been there.

Interesting...  So do those regulations only apply to VOIP providers?  i find it odd that ICASA doesn't want me to hide my VOIP number, but yet I can hide any landline or mobile number and make it show as "unknown" to the recipient....

Unfortunately not. This would be in direct contravention of the ICASA regulation preventing us from masking your number over our system.

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