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Unable to set Called ID

Since the portal was updated in the past few days, the functionality to change Caller ID seems to be blocked out.   I've currently got my Caller ID set to my cell phone number and want to remove that, but unable to....

This was resolved by one of our Voice Engineers. Thank you for notifying us



How do you change the caller ID now?

You can't anymore...  Something to do with RICA regulations.  They're hoping to have it sorted out sometime in the future though....

Unfortunately to comply with ICASA regulations some providers have enforced a strict policy regarding forwarding of masked caller ID's over their networks. This means we can only allow users to select either the 087 DID which comes with your account or the number which you port to us, as long as the number is on our network it will work, using something like your cell number will not. Hopefully one day ICASA and the service providers see this is a silly idea and allow us to mask caller ID's again.

Thanks for the reply


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