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Can't dial certain numbers

Good day, 

I created a freshphone account for me and my wife. My wife (from Freshphone) can phone my freshphone number but I can't phone her. 
Some numbers I can phone direct (ie. 012, 082, 073) but some I have to change to +27, and visa versa. Some +27 numbers I have to change to (0). 

Please help.

Hi Norman, I dont see any record of these calls on our account? Maybe I am not looking at the right account, I am going to mail you directly.

Another really weird issue with the same number is that I received two calls from a number in Dubai (+971....) this morning.  The first time the Caller ID showed as +27 10 446....  and the second time the number came up as +27 74 662.... I received calls from the same Dubai number to my cellphone and the caller ID showed the correct number (+971....)  How on earth can that happen?

I have encountered the same problem. I can dial all numbers in any format from my wife's number on any instrument (two different Yealink phones and FreshPHONE app on my cellphone).   However, there are a couple of numbers which I can't phone from my number using the same instruments - dialling one of them even tells me the number doesn't exist!  I have checked the FreshPHONE setup and both numbers have the same country codes enabled and no numbers blacklisted or whitelisted. Please can you assist.

Hi Johann,

Please see the screenshot below. You will see how the application is dialing the numbers and why they are failing. Please have a look at your contact list and edit the numbers accordingly. 

Thank you.  

Hi Fresh Man, 

I am using the Zoiper Premium Android app. 

I have dialed the numbers straight from Zoiper. (Zoiper imports all your contacts) 
Some work others don't. I have also tried to dial the number manually from the keypad to see if it makes a difference, but with no luck. 

Hi Johann,

I hope you are well. Please advise on how you are dialing the numbers and also what application/device you have registered the account. 

Thank you. 

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